Центр кибербезопасности авиатранспортного сообщества

LaptopЦентр кибербезопасности авиатранспортного сообщества SITA (CCTC), открывшийся в 2017 г., поддерживает меры по предотвращению киберугроз, поощряя упреждающий и своевременный обмен контекстной и управляемой информацией о киберугрозах в масштабе всего сообщества. In so doing members receive the information they need to help defend against the threats impacting the industry.  The sharing of information on cyber threats, vulnerabilities and impacts, is now widely accepted as pivotal to the effective management of cyber risks.

Additionally, members receive a weekly digest of cybersecurity stories and threat indicators affecting our industry.

A customized alert system provides rapid notification to members of sensitive information (e.g. stolen credentials) exposed on the open, deep, and dark web as well as threat feeds when detected. To build trust and foster increased communication among users of the center, regular meetings are held to share insights and mitigation strategies, as well as discuss the evolving cyber threat landscape.

To complement this, SITA organizes an Aviation Cybersecurity Symposium, invitation-only event for IT security professionals within the industry.

The SITA Community Cyber Threat Center is a complimentary service open to cybersecurity professionals at SITA member organizations. The below table summarizes the key benefits. 

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If you are a cybersecurity professional working for a SITA member organization and would like to participate in the CCTC, please contact us at cyberthreatcenter@sita.aero.

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