APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are modernizing the way in which passenger, crew, airline and airport applications are interacting with the complex systems that process the data they need or feed. provides a range of powerful APIs to stimulate technological innovation in the air transport industry, providing developers with access to the data and tools at their fingertips to build complete passenger and aircraft solutions, from passenger travel planning and booking, to airport operations and security, baggage, aircraft connectivity and in-flight cabin and cockpit operations.

Our APIs offer a wide range of functionality including:

Passenger Shopping, Check-in and Boarding

  • BoardingPass API - a managed service provided by SITA allowing airlines complete flexibility in the creation, customization and distribution of mobile boarding passes.

Baggage Tracking

  • BagJourney API - a simple interface into the complex world of baggage management by allowing the retrieval of the real time status of a specific bag.

Day of Travel

  • A suite of APIs that exploit a wealth of real-time airport and flight data, security wait times, and highly visual airport maps and navigation routes, combined with passenger itinerary data, to deliver a personalized, location targeted content and calls-to-action for passengers throughout their airport experience.

Inflight Wi-Fi

  • Voucher API to enable passengers to purchase in-flight Wi-Fi sessions

Common Use Beacon Registry

  • A SITA community initiative that aims to promote the use of beacons in the Air Transport Industry using APIs to manage and retrieve beacon data in global airports.

And many more …

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