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With the aim of benefiting the entire air transport community, SITA in 2016 launched five initiatives to explore new solutions to some of the industry’s most pressing challenges.

These five areas include:

  • Отслеживание багажа
  • Управление идентификационной информацией
  • Disruption Warning System
  • NDC
  • Кибербезопасность

This investment is over and above our continued investment in new products and is aimed looking a little further into the future at promising technologies or new ways of doing things that could have a big impact on our industry. It will provide a clear roadmap of where we can make the most difference and what we need to focus on to deliver real and meaningful solutions that will benefit the entire air transport sector.

Отслеживание багажа

Technology has played a key role in reducing the number of mishandled baggage by a cumulative 65,3% between 2007 and 2015. However, with passenger numbers expected to double by 2030, further reducing the number of mishandle baggage remains a challenge.

Technology will be instrumental in further reductions in mishandled baggage rates. With this initiative SITA exploring a new technologies that will allow airlines, airports and ground handlers to track baggage every step of the way, using both existing and brand new technologies. 

This initiative also looks at helping airline meet IATA Resolution 753 that requires by 2018 airlines should keep track of every item of baggage from start to finish.

Read more about the Resolution 753

Управление идентификационной информацией

Управление идентификационной информацией — еще одна ключевая задача отрасли и важная инициатива SITA, не только в плане повышения безопасности, но и с точки зрения глобального упрощения процедур иммиграционного контроля. 

The emergence of a ‘single travel token’ over the next few years is probably the most exciting development for passengers hoping to fast track through the airport and SITA is trialing various versions of this technology in airports around the world.

Read more about travel identity innovations from the SITA Lab. Also on this topic, you can read the 'Let's get smart about identity' article of the Air Transport IT Review.

Disruption Warning System

One of the biggest challenges for airports and airlines is managing disruption. SITA is exploring an initiative that will provide information and updates through a global disruption warning system that is accessible to our members.


SITA совместно с ИАТА высоко оценивают значительное повышение качества предоставления услуг и продуктов авиакомпаниями в течение последних лет. С целью удовлетворения насущных потребностей рынка авиатуризма ИАТА инициировала разработку нового стандарта продаж авиаперевозок — New Distribution Capability (NDC).

A particular emphasis of NDC is its ability to help third-party airline distribution channels, such as retail and online travel agencies, travel management companies, and Metasearch engines, receive more flexible and compelling airline content from airlines. In turn, these indirect channels can offer their customers richer, more engaging digital flight shopping experiences.

Read more about the NDC community enablement.


Given the rising number of cyber threats, SITA is also assessing how it can play a more significant role for the air transport community.

SITA plans to provide a platform to support increased exchange of contextualized cyber threat intelligence. These will be derived from SITA’s global network and services provided to customers, from open-source intelligence gathered as a result of proactive security screenings, and from external sources.

Read more about cybersecurity. 

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