Senior Manager of Projects & Innovation, SITA Lab
Sherry Stein

Sherry Stein has over 20 years in travel technology experience, with a passion for business transformation and technology innovation. In 2015, Ms Stein joined SITA Lab where she leads the identity management program. It is focused on strategic research on behalf of SITA’s 450+ ATI members, to create a secure, frictionless travel experience through the applied use of emerging technologies and co-innovation with key industry stakeholders.

Key world’s firsts and program successes include Travel Identity of the Future, a world premiere blockchain-based mobile ID project, recognized at the 2016 IATA World Passenger Symposium to be the foundation for its One Identity initiative; Miami Airport’s FTE Award for Best Immigration Initiative 2017, for its mobile passport control implementation; and JetBlue’s “Boarding by Selfie”, noted by Popular Science as one of the 100 Greatest Innovations of 2017 and recognized across the world’s press and media outlets for its ground-breaking approach to supporting the United States Customs and Border Protection’s (CBP) biometric exit program.

Ms Stein holds her MBA from Georgia State University (GSU), J. Mack Robinson College of Business as well as a Certificate in Innovation and Design Thinking from GSU, hosted at Oxford University in England. She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (RSA), focused on design thinking principles and creating an environment for social change by cultivating private and public partnerships.

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