Обзор ИТ-решений для воздушного транспорта 2018

Did you know that 71% of airlines and 77% of airports plan major programs of R&D in biometrics ID management in next three years?

Обзор ИТ-решений для воздушного транспорта 2018

The research explores IT trends in digital transformation, cybersecurity, emerging technologies and much more. 

Similar to previous years, the industry IT spend projections for 2019 are revealed. 

SITA’s Air Transport IT Insights are well established as the global benchmark research for the air transport industry.  Over 180 senior IT executives at the top airlines and airports, representing 39% of global airport and 28% of global airline passenger traffic took part in the 2018 research.

The 2018 results once again provide a clear insight on the air transport industry’s IT strategic thinking and developments.

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Отчет о качестве обработки багажа в авиаперевозках в 2018 году
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2018 is a real turning point for the industry as airlines and airports begin to unlock the value of the tracking data for the 4,65 billion bags they carry. Over the next two years, services like real-time notifications and fast self-service bag drop are set to become commonplace. - 7,14 МБ

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