Отчет о качестве обработки багажа в авиаперевозках в 2018 году

Did you know that the baggage mishandling rate has dropped by more than 70% since 2007?

Отчет о качестве обработки багажа в авиаперевозках в 2018 году

2018 is the year that the IATA Resolution 753 comes into effect which will see the industry increase its baggage tracking capabilities.  While we won’t see a sudden change in 2018, it is a real turning point for the industry as airlines and airports begin to unlock the value of the tracking data for the 4,65 billion bags they carry.  

Aside from the 2017 Industry performance results, with their implied costs, the 2018 Baggage Report showcases how some airlines and airports have prepared for IATA Res 753 and includes commentaries from Airports Council International and IATA, plus the latest figures for mishandled baggage. 

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