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Airfare Price

International and domestic pricing for all airlines and GDSs in all markets


The ability to accurately price and display itineraries is a fundamental part of your sales process.

With SITA Airfare Price airlines and global distribution systems (GDSs) can quickly manage large volumes of pricing requests. Using automated rules and tax processing, it accurately and quickly prices net fares, market fares and private fares to ensure that the correct fare is applied to each journey from a simple one-way to a multi-segment trip. With Airfare Price you can unbundle your current fares, increase revenues through ancillary services, or modify itineraries.

Airfare Price comes fully integrated into the SITA Reservations hosting platform. It can also be fully integrated into third-party reservation systems.

Airfare Price provides a suite of options that supports the full airline and GDS fares process, providing the information and interfaces necessary to support call centers, ticket offices and on-line sales environments.


  • Automated Baggage Rules – ensures the proper application of baggage allowances and collection of bag charges by airlines and interline partners
  • Airfare RepriceRefund – automates complex ticket reissuance and refunding
  • Horizon® Service Fees – support merchandising by enabling airlines to offer,  price, collect payment for and fulfill unbundled optional services such as baggage fees, lounge passes, meals, insurance and more

$67.4 billion

projected worldwide airline ancillary revenue in 2016*



* IdeaWorksCompany

How it helps

SITA Airfare Price supports a full fare display and pricing transaction set, along with many other functions needed to simplify the complex world of fares. It receives hourly updates of fares distribution data to its automated system and gives exclusive access to manually maintained data tables for currency exchange rates and tax data, supporting real time, accurate fares pricing.

Key features

  • Supports international and US domestic pricing
  • Full compliance with ATPCO and SITA automated rules distribution
  • Fastest data loading capability in the industry
  • Supports Category 25 (fare by rule) and Category 35 (negotiated fares)
  • Test environments for pricing updates
  • Third-party data correction capability
  • Structured XML access – including support for GUI and web applications, and migration from legacy-host protocols


  • Protects revenue – fully automated rules processing ensures all system users comply with your intent, eliminating manual pricing and errors made by call centers and ticket offices
  • Expedites time to market – the fastest data-loading capability available in the industry today allows you to get your fares distributed  ahead of the competition to take advantage of market conditions
  • Simplifies distribution - of corporate and leisure fare deals, eliminating paper contracts and time-consuming information pages

Why us?

Only SITA Airfare Price, backed by a multi-million dollar investment, enables you to take advantage of new industry developments to manage the disruption of fares and rules data.

The Horizon® Service Fees option supports the merchandising trend and helps airlines and GDSs compete and thrive in the marketplace.

Airfare Price takes advantage of all available fares data distribution from SITA Airfare Distribution and ATPCO (hourly from both) with data updates available for use in all channels usually within 30 minutes of the data being received.

Full international and domestic pricing (including North American domestic fare and rule pricing) is provided with support maintained for SITA ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) extensions and carrier extensions.

Airfare Price also provides 24 months of historic fares and rules data.

Training is available for this product through SITA University.


SITA Global Services

Airfare Price is supported by SITA Global Services (SGS), which provides you with global business continuity through a flexible service model. Our monitoring service ensures your IT systems are reliable and available, around the clock, around the world.

Our experts proactively monitor your infrastructure, identifying and resolving problems often before they impact your services. 


$67.4 billion

projected worldwide airline ancillary revenue in 2016*



* IdeaWorksCompany

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Multi-channel repricing

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Horizon® Airfare RepriceRefund helps to radically reduce the time it takes to issue refunds or new tickets.
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Horizon Airfare Price product briefing

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Find and calculate the right fare for air travel services, including ancillaries. Increase the scale and sophistication of pricing. Go at your own pace, cutting through cost and complexity.

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