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Risk assessment at the border is only as effective as your ability to ensure that the people you have assessed are who they say they are. SITA’s iBorders® IdentityAssurance uses biometric and biographic data to identify travelers quickly and accurately.

Using centralized identity management, automated identity-matching and resolution, and an identity workbench that reviews suspect identities and conflicts, iBorders IdentityAssurance gives you certainty that travelers are who they say they are.

iBorders® IdentityAssurance Use cases
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300% One government

improved detection of duplicate entries using iBorders IdentityAssurance

How it works

iBorders IdentityAssurance consolidates biographic and biometric data from different origins, to provide certainty about the identity of each traveler. It includes detection of counterfeit documents and travelers claiming multiple identities.

Automated matching of biometric and biographic data links each traveler back to a single physical person, with manual confirmation of an individual's identity when conflicts arise.

Biometric data can be incorporated from multiple sources, including passport and visa issuance and other points where the traveler interacts with border authorities.

This person-centric approach ensures a consistent view of traveler identities across the border operation.


  • Centralized and scalable, person-centric management of identities
  • Supports the entire border operation, including passport and visa issuance, the primary immigration line and all other points of interaction
  • Workbench tools that allow border management agents to resolve identity conflicts
  • Tracks fraudulent and multiple identities detection for subsequent investigation
  • Compatibility with the industry-leading algorithms and matching sub-systems for face, fingerprint and iris biometric data

End-to-end solution

iBorders IdentityAssurance is part of SITA's iBorders® Border Management solution, offering the most complete set of border management capabilities available anywhere. The range of functionality offered and our proven history of deploying border control systems makes SITA unique – we are the only provider able to deliver seamless convergence of biographic and biometric passenger data processing with risk assessment and identity assurance.

iBorders® IdentityAssurance

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Your benefits

iBorders IdentityAssurance increases border security by verifying individuals, rather than only a claimed identity, against government biographic and biometric watch-lists.

iBorders® IdentityAssurance provides unparalleled levels of data and information privacy and security.


SITA Global Services

This product is supported by SITA Global Services (SGS) which provides global business continuity through a flexible service model. Our monitoring service ensures IT systems are reliable and available, around the clock and around the world.

Our experts proactively monitor infrastructure, identifying and resolving problems often before they impact services.

iBorders® IdentityAssurance Use cases
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300% One government

improved detection of duplicate entries using iBorders IdentityAssurance

The benefits of a single travel token

Matthew Finn, Managing Director, AUGMENTIQ discusses the benefits of a single travel token.
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Use cases

iBorders® IdentityAssurance

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Combine biographic and biometric data from multiple sources to verify the identity of travelers, quickly and accurately.
Use cases

iBorders Intelligence

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Identify threats by transforming information into actionable intelligence.

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