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Better anticipate and manage disruption?

Airport disruptions, if not managed correctly, can unleash chaos, impacting operations, damaging the airport’s reputation, and causing unnecessary costs.

Most common causes of disruption are known and can be monitored by the airport.

Unexpected disruptions need to be identified and addressed as quickly as possible, to minimize impact and restore normal services.

How SITA can help

Did you know?

92% of passengers would like to receive a notification on their smartphone in case of disruption. (Source: The Passenger IT Trends Survey 2014)

Disruptions can’t be avoided entirely. But SITA can help you plan for them, manage their impact and minimize their negative effects.

Our airport portfolio:

  • Gives you proactive control of your operations - dynamic dashboards draw attention to disruptions and irregularities while enhancing collaboration, improving allocation of mobile resources and equipment, giving you the flexibility to plan for and react to unexpected events 
  • Tracks, measures, predicts, and optimizes the flow of passengers - real-time alerts when queue time exceeds configurable thresholds; options include integration in resource management systems for better manpower planning
  • Provides real-time information to all stakeholders - systems exchange information on operations, resources and assets in real time; display screens and mobile apps keep passengers in the know and help them find their way through the airport
  • Anticipates disruptive events through predictive analytics – business intelligence  solutions consolidate information from multiple sources, such as airport operational database (AODB), fixed or mobile resources, and passenger flow monitoring systems
  • Tracks, reconciles, and traces baggage throughout the passenger journey – ensuring airport baggage systems get the required information in advance of the bags arriving so that appropriate decisions can be made about how bags should be sorted or loaded; more bags are correctly loaded, fewer bags are mishandled
  • Integrates self-service applications to empower passengers and free up resources – extending passenger control over check-in, boarding, bag-drop, border control, and lost-bag registration keeps them in control and satisfied while reducing the time required for each and improving the allocation of airport resources

SITA facts and figures

  • Since 2008, SITA has played a major role in the 53% reduction of mishandled baggage within the industry
  • SITA launched the first common-use Beacon Registry for the ATI in 2014. With beacons, airports can give passengers queuing time, flight status, gate number and time-to-gate on their phones throughout the airport.
  • AirportVision ensures all intended passengers are reached with accurate and timely visual and audible information and messaging

We have done it for others

SITA to transform operations at 10 more airports in India

SITA’s AirportResource Manager will help the airport authority manage and deploy staff and equipment in real time. Using this powerful planning and scheduling tool, both the central command center and the individual airports can respond to changing situations, improving the passenger experience. They can accommodate large numbers of passengers, seasonal fluctuations and disruptions by allocating staff and fixed airport resources, including departure gates, baggage carousels and check-in desks, as needed.

Read the full news release

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