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Manage growth within my existing infrastructure?

According to Airports Council International (ACI), total passenger traffic should reach 7 billion by 2020. However, not all airports can increase their infrastructure, either through lack of space or funding, to cope with this increase in passengers.

Airports must optimize their use of technology and existing infrastructure if they hope to accommodate the growth in passengers while enabling sustainable business transformation and improving operational efficiency.

How SITA can help

Did you know?

86% of airports plan to invest in self-service process in the next 3 years
 (Source: SITA Airport IT Trends Survey 2014).

SITA’s expertise and IT solutions can help you optimize the physical infrastructure of your airport.

Our airport portfolio includes:

  • Remote check-in facilities and common-use terminals - reduce the need for dedicated airline check-in areas with SITA’s integrated approach and CUTE/CUPPS and common-use self-service (CUSS) kiosks; manage your space and resources more efficiently, create seamless customer journeys and improve satisfaction ratings
  • Self-service applications - enable faster processing of passengers in a reduced space; CUSS kiosks help you minimize the number of check-in kiosks, while self bag-drop units enable faster passenger processing
  • Airport Management – plan your day-to-day operations efficiently by managing the allocation of critical resources; enables future-planning and operational forecasts
  • Baggage Management - optimize your baggage operations; track, trace, manage and predict the flow of bags both inter- and intra-airport; ensure your baggage systems get the required information in advance of bags arriving so that appropriate decisions can be made about how bags should be sorted or loaded; ensure that more bags are correctly loaded, fewer bags are mishandled, while supporting on-time departures
  • Airport Infrastructure Management – ensure efficient management of the airport’s communication infrastructure through a unique ATI-dedicated portfolio of products and services; provide a value-added user-experience for all voice, data, video and business applications using multiple devices across fixed and mobile networks on the airport campus
  • Airport Master System Integration (MSI) - a one-stop shop for the design and implementation of all airport terminal IT and communications technologies, through a customizable blend of integrated professional services and technology

SITA facts and figures

  • Up to 7 travelers per minute can be processed through a SITA automated biometric gate
  • Over 165 airlines are operational on the AirportConnect Platform and over 340 airport sites utilize the AirportConnect Platform around the world
  • 25 seconds is the average time to process a passenger with SITA Self BagDrop

We have done if for others

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