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The widespread availability of new technologies and growing adoption of cloud-based applications have increased airlines’ and other aviation tenants’ expectation of reliable and secure connectivity, both at the airport and to their back office systems off the airport.

The long lead-times and lack of flexibility in getting connectivity from local telecom providers can discourage airlines from trialing new routes or running seasonal operations. In addition, off-airport connectivity at airports can be expensive, inhibiting airlines from investing in data hungry applications that could improve passenger satisfaction.

SITA’s AirportHub™ is an airport-wide shared connectivity platform offering reliable, flexible and cost-effective communication services to airlines, ground handlers, and maintenance companies based at the airport. It simplifies how aviation companies connect to their central systems and applications from their airport destinations.

Today AirportHub™ is used by 300+ customers with over 3,500 connections in operation. Join the AirportHub™ program and become another enabler in this growing community of next-generation connected airports.


How it helps

AirportHub™ is an end-to-end solution installed and fully managed by SITA on behalf of the airport tenants with no cost to the airport operator.

Reduced complexity

AirportHub™ simplifies life for the airport by reducing the complexity of the IT infrastructure, not least through cutting the tangle of dedicated WAN and LAN cabling throughout the airport for each tenant.

Increased cooperation

A shared connectivity platform, such as AirportHub®, can facilitate greater cooperation by giving airports the opportunity to deploy their own shared services, such as CUPPS and CUSS kiosks, to the same airline community, in a faster and more cost-effective manner.

Airlines like AirportHub™

AirportHub™ offers agile connectivity at your destination airports, improving your operations and customer satisfaction.

Benefits for airlines

  • Reduced lead-time to connect
  • No leased line requirements
  • One-stop-shop for international connectivity
  • Faster upgrades and changes
  • Cost reduction
  • Resiliency included in the design
  • Extensive and increasing global airport coverage


Why us?

Only SITA has extensive and increasing global airport coverage. AirportHub™ is already used at over 300 international airports serving more than 200 airlines and ground handlers, with the ambition to serve 80% of all airline destination airports in the coming years.

A “win-win” solution

  • For airlines: AirportHub™ provides a cost effective, simple, secure and standardized solution which you can consistently rely on in airports all over the world. It also enables airlines to expand the services they use at an airport by providing access to higher levels of bandwidth at a cost effective price point.
  • For airports: deployment is at no cost to the airport and does not compete with an airport’s own IT infrastructure. While it provides airport tenants with improved service levels that meet internationally accepted standards.

SITA Global Services

This product is supported by a dedicated multilingual operations team which provides monitoring and support 24/7/365 from command centers in Montreal and Singapore, ensuring global business continuity through a flexible service model. Our monitoring service ensures your IT systems are reliable and available, around the clock, around the world.

Our experts proactively monitor your infrastructure, identifying and resolving problems often before they impact your services.


On-demand connectivity wherever you fly

SITA’s AirportHub™ is an airport-wide shared platform offering international communication services to airlines and other players at more than 300 international airports.

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White papers

Airport connectivity simplified

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AirportHub demonstrates a strong commitment to the airport by raising service levels to internationally recognized norms, making it easier to attract new airlines and routes, facilitating faster connectivity for airlines to their back-end systems, as well as enabling airlines to receive the same standardized connectivity service they get at larger airports.
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