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Industry studies indicate that correct pricing can contribute an extra 3-10% to an airline’s overall revenues. But how can you tell if your fares are at the right levels?

Setting the right fares is essential for the success of any airline. SITA's Horizon Fares Management enables you to cut through vast quantities of complex data, identify advantages and then quickly implement the best fare pricing strategy.

Horizon Fares Management is a fully automated solution for the entire fares management process. It monitors and analyzes hundreds of millions of fares, allowing your analysts to exploit the most competitive price position. And its fast and seamless distribution service gets you to market quicker than your competition.  

Horizon Fares Management encompasses:

  • Fares management service - Airfare Insight
  • Fares distribution service - Airfare Distribution

Built in partnership with world leading airlines, Horizon Fares Management provides extensive and ‘best in class’ functionality. It is used by more than 20 global carriers to manage their fares and overall commercial strategy.

Horizon® Fares Management

How it helps

Why should airlines care about competitive pricing? There’s one simple reason – price is paramount in the fiercely competitive airfare marketplace. Even a relatively minor price difference can result in a major loss of market share. And since pricing has a direct impact on revenue and profits, the ability to make rapid changes to fares in response to the market is critical.

Horizon Fares Management provides up-to-the-minute information so you can react quickly to fluctuations in the market. It also removes the analytical headaches caused by incomplete or inaccurate information.

Key features

  • Single master database of current, historical and key competitor fares
  • Once-only data entry for all airline departments
  • Integrated public and internet fare monitoring and analysis
  • Industry distribution of fares and rules to the market
  • Distributed workflow simplifies and standardizes each stage of the process


  • Responds faster - provides up-to-the-minute information so you can react quickly to fluctuations in the market
  • Increases yield – tracks competitor’s pricing and spots opportunities to raise fares
  • Decreases time to market for key fares and improves the speed and quality of decision-making
  • Automates competitor analysis and distributes updated fares to ATPCO and online booking engines

Why us?

The fares marketplace is particularly dynamic. There are millions of fares on offer and hundreds of thousands of them could change in a single day. Airlines that are slow to react can find their prices uncompetitive and lost revenue can quickly add up. 

SITA’s Horizon Fares Management is the industry’s most comprehensive fares management solution.

Airfare Insight is unique in its ability to automate the end-to-end fares management process. Airfare Distribution enables both direct and indirect sales channels from a single system. Used together, you can be sure your airline is distributing the right fare at the right time to the right customer.

Global support

Horizon is provided on an application service provider (ASP) basis, with SITA managing the technology, allowing the customer to focus on the business. Service includes guaranteed service level agreements (SLAs), 24 x 7 helpdesk support and application monitoring.

SITA's infrastructure is supported by SITA Global Services (SGS). We are highly experienced experts, committed to business continuity.

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Use cases

Horizon Fares Management

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Ensure your fares remain competitive in key markets while simplifying the end-to-end fares management process.
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