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SITA Horizon® Passenger Management & Distribution offers the most comprehensive passenger services system (PSS) available on the market.  Full reservations, merchandising, inventory, ticketing and departure control capabilities provide the functionality needed at each step in the passenger journey.

Scalable, feature-rich and cost effective , Horizon PSS provides the building blocks for growing carriers as well as broadening the market reach for well-established carriers. With Horizon PSS, you can continually fine tune your capabilities at each step of the passenger journey as you wish. 

More than 90 airline and ground handlers, boarding over 152 million passengers each year, rely on Horizon Passenger Management & Distribution.

Horizon® PSS - Your pathway to the future

This feature-rich solution has what it takes to help you to fully evolve; providing choice, customization and control for your unique business pathway.

Discover how with Horizon® PSS, you can continually fine tune your capabilities.

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Horizon® Passenger Management & Distribution

How it helps

Passenger management isn’t just about booking and checking in passengers. It’s a fundamental business process, a strategic business enabler, that lies at the heart of every airline’s commercial operation. That’s why SITA Horizon® Passenger Service System doesn’t address just technical and functional requirements it addresses the business objectives such as:

Grow and adapt

Whether young, emerging or mature, your airline is in a constant state of evolution. To help you realize new opportunities, adapt to change and grow you may require different capabilities than the ones you started out with. Flexibility is key.

Modular by design Horizon covers the entire customer journey with the broadest suite of Passenger Service System technologies on the market. With Horizon PSS, you can continually fine tune your capabilities at each step of the passenger journey as and when you wish.  

Revenue management and growth

Speed to market and commercial agility is fundamental to drive growth. With Horizon Passenger Service System airlines have the tools to forecast and manage their most important asset “seats” with greater accuracy, eliminating unproductive bookings. Calculate and automate fares-setting and distribution, monitoring and analysis of millions of fares to identify the most competitive price position and take the appropriate responsive action across all channels. All made manageable by applying business rules defined by the airline.

Distribution neutrality

SITA Horizon Passenger Service System provides unbiased access to every available channel, including all GDS and agency contact centers, alliance and code share partners. This ensures you achieve the most effective channel mix for your airline, maximizing bookings and fueling revenue growth. 

Multi-channel merchandising

With Horizon® Passenger Service System you are in full control of your pricing and merchandising strategy.   To be competitive on price, while opening new revenue streams by offering a base fare with upsell options. It even lets you grow from a simple offering of basic ancillary services to advanced multi-channel merchandising practices. Read more about Horizon Merchandising

Customer recognition

Horizon Passenger Service System lets you get to know your regular travelers better. Driven by holistic data, so it can be context-sensitive at all touch points consistently, Horizon Passenger Service System helps you value your customers as individuals and treat them accordingly to earn their loyalty and repeat purchasing. 

Customer satisfaction

Web and mobile applications for self-service booking and check-in help you increase efficiency and reduce costs while increasing customer satisfaction.

Business intelligence

Horizon Passenger Service System opens the door to a wealth of valuable commercial and operational data for more effective business decisions. With Horizon you can harness your data and make better use of business intelligence to strengthen your operational and strategic planning, identifying new opportunities to keep passengers happy and create more revenue.

Horizon - building success together

Put your business into flight with SITA's in-depth skills and proven record in delivering and supporting customer technology solutions. 

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Why us?

You need to be appropriately equipped for your business journey, with the right tools for the job. You also need the right partner. People on a similar mission, people who listen and recognize your needs, and can help you find your own way – not follow a prescribed route. 

We recognize that migrating to a new passenger service systems is a major decision and  that each migration is unique,  requiring a plan to meet each carrier’s specific requirements and preferences. SITA’s world-class skills and domain expertise bring a proven record in successfully delivering complex PSS projects without disruption to the airline or ground handler and their customers.

Global support

A business that’s “always on” needs reliable, responsive IT services.  Horizon support is fully dedicated to the air transport industry, offering unparalleled depth and breadth of expertise in applications, industry requirements and processes. It comprises functional experts in multiple locations globally.

Horizon is provided on an Application Service Provider (ASP) basis, with SITA managing the technology, allowing the customer to focus on the business. Comprehensive support ensures the proactive management of systems and the best possible continuity and utilization for users of Horizon products.

SITA's infrastructure is supported by SITA Global Services (SGS).  A highly experienced global team of experts, committed to business continuity.


Horizon® PSS - Your pathway to the future

Your airline is in a constant state of evolution. As your business makes progress you may require different capabilities. 
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