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Offsets: a powerful tool in your climate action toolbox

Published on  17 September 2020 11:17   by Rosie Helson

With more than 300 clients in 34 countries, including SITA, Natural Capital Partners is harnessing the power of business to create a more sustainable world.

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Aircraft data management for the future

Published on  18 August 2020 05:27   by Marek Rakowski

New generation aircraft produce data like never before. What do these advances mean for airlines and their aviation digital service partners?

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Making passengers’ smart devices their inflight control center

Published on  13 August 2020 12:43   by Sabine Taillardat

Throughout the industry's post-COVID-19 recovery and beyond, personal electronic devices (PEDs) will remain central in ensuring a safe, touchless journey for passengers.

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Economic recovery depends on opening borders quickly and safely

Published on  10 August 2020 01:12   by Jeremy Springall

What are the best actions to tackle the practicalities of making travel safe, placing health as a top concern alongside security and operational safety – to restore passenger confidence and trust?

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Multilink aircraft communications to underpin the industry’s recovery response

Published on  06 August 2020 02:26   by Andy Hubbard

Our Unified Aircraft Communications portfolio is ready and able to help airlines and operators address the post-COVID-19 new world challenges.

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Company culture: Does it really make a difference?

Published on  04 August 2020 02:20   by Astrid Warren

The outstanding efforts of our people during the pandemic are a result of a journey that we started in 2016.

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From launching new routes to remote operations control centers, digitalized operations tackle new challenges head-on

Published on  22 July 2020 07:26   by Igor Dimnik

Our Digital Day of Operations portfolio is ready and able to help airlines and operators address the industry challenges emerging from COVID-19.

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Returning to the skies: the next steps

Published on  20 July 2020 09:00   by Carlos Kaduoka and Lorenzo Belicchi

Airports across Europe are collaborating on the steps needed to bring about a return to the skies. Led by ACI Europe, the initiative has resulted in a range of guidelines for a safe and healthy passenger experience.

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How does digitalization optimize airline operations?

Published on  15 July 2020 04:07   by Igor Dimnik

Gain the agility you need to address new challenges and demands post-COVID-19.

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