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Are we heading into the teenage years of Blockchain?

Published on  18 April 2019 02:50  by Barry McLaughlin

In the second half of 2018, SITA launched the Aviation Blockchain Sandbox. Now, six months on, what have we learned?

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Aviation emissions and CSR - a balancing act

Published on  16 April 2019 04:09  by Amber Harrison

How can we balance the growing need for air travel with its environmental impact?

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Digital twins, the airport operations control interface of the future

Published on  11 April 2019 05:27  by Kevin O'Sullivan

Will this technology used by Formula 1 teams revolutionize airport operations?

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Were you in London? Did you see what I saw?

Published on  04 April 2019 09:45  by Nathalie Abdallah

See my prediction of what will make the seamless passenger journey a reality. We are seeing pockets of success and widespread adoption will really give passengers what they want.

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Mobile technology: the answer to better baggage handling

Published on  28 March 2019 07:45  by Christelle Laverriere

This is a crucial focus for the air transport industry as passenger numbers grow.

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We need complete confidence in data security

Published on  21 March 2019 08:20  by Tim Strong

With information security and air transport so inextricably linked, what standard is critical for a global IT provider to achieve?

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The digital traveler has arrived

Published on  14 March 2019 11:10  by Matthys Serfontein

Are passengers reluctant to engage with new technology? The data may surprise you.

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RFID - a vital variable in the baggage equation?

Published on  07 March 2019 09:00  by Peter Drummond

On the face of it, taking a bag from a passenger at check-in and returning it to them at their destination seems like a very easy task. But think hard about it and there’s so much more going on behind the scenes.

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Engineers reaching equilibrium

Published on  05 March 2019 06:02  by Amber Harrison

Meet some of the extraordinary young women who are bringing up the engineering ranks

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Tech-enabled passengers are happier

Published on  28 February 2019 07:15  by Christelle Laverriere

I’ll focus on passport and bag collection, and we’ll see if technology has an impact on these notorious pinch points?

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