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Stand-alone features from the Air Transport IT Review on the challenges, issues, and trends facing the industry.

  • Everything self-service? Everything mobile?

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    The next frontier for self-service is disruption management. Business intelligence will be essential, but will everything be self-service and mobile?
  • The four-step journey

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    For all the razzamatazz, the essentials of cloud computing are simple. Yet the journey to cloud success still confounds many. Four steps are all you need.
  • Flight into the future

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    Indonesia’s flag carrier Garuda sees technology as pivotal to transformation and growth. Jeny Mustopha, the airline’s Vice President of IT Strategy, tells us more.
  • Checkpoint reality

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    Self-service and new thinking have yet to fully impact security and customs. As the main pain-point for today’s travelers, these areas are rife for radical improvement.
  • Data driven travel

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    In the new era of air travel, data is king. The future of any airline depends on harnessing data, in real-time, with great accuracy.
  • Don't waste sales

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    Airline inventory is perishable. Booking abuses, intentional or accidental, contribute to considerable losses. If you don’t take appropriate action in real-time, you stand to lose business.
  • e-Aircraft reality

    - 1.17 Mb
    Passengers, airline staff and airport personnel all see IT moving at warp speed on the ground. So when will we see more of it onboard aircraft?
  • Know your customer

    - 1.02 Mb
    Cost-cutting and efficiency programs are critical for driving down prices and optimizing load factors. But have airlines lost sight of the customer?
  • Less burn less cost

    - 741 kb
    Even a small decrease in fuel usage can have a big impact on the bottom line.
  • Queue-busting at the border

    - 1.57 Mb
    Border checkpoints are changing. Time spent in queues is being cut radically, and passengers are noticing the difference.
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