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  • AirportConnect D4 Kiosk

    - 1,25 Mb - Free registration required
    SITA’s smallest desktop kiosk model, designed to fit into existing millwork or counter space. For the first time, the desktop kiosk includes an earphone jack for sound-enabled applications.
  • AirportConnect S3 Kiosk

    - 1,14 Mb - Free registration required
    SITA’s most compact freestanding model, with the smallest footprint of any full-function check-in kiosk in the industry. Yet, its printer outputs an industry-leading 5300 boarding passes from a single roll.
  • Киоск AirportConnect S4

    - 750 kb - Free registration required
    Links to SITA's common-use platform, giving passengers access to multiple airlines from a single kiosk. Includes 19" multi-touchscreen display and LED lights to guide transactions.
  • APC Kiosk

    - 1,05 Mb - Free registration required
    Three-step process for automated passport control (APC), includes a facial biometric camera and fingerprint scanner.
  • Описание и местоположение канала передачи данных ATS

    - 1,23 Mb - Free registration required
    Мы поставляем решения и услуги каналов передачи данных УВД в глобальном масштабе с момента начала их использования в процессах управления воздушным движением. Прочитайте описания и узнайте местоположения каналов передачи данных УВД во всем мире.
  • Cloud Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS)

    - 1,28 Mb - Free registration required
    Flexible and simplified replacement for traditional personal computers (PCs) in the remote office environment.
  • Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

    - 1,31 Mb - Free registration required
    Subscription-based service providing scalable and on-demand computing resources from SITA's six regional data centers and 20 airport data centers.
  • Self BagDrop

    - 1,16 Mb - Free registration required
    Similar to kiosks, Self BagDrop units can either be dedicated to a single airline or shared by several airlines using a common-use approach.
  • WorldTracer Kiosk

    - 2,12 Mb - Free registration required
    Stand-alone self-service kiosk that allows passengers to register their delayed baggage without standing in line to speak to an airline representative. Supports IATA's Fast Travel initiative.
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