Система SITA Smart Path™

Delivers whole journey identity management


Great travel experiences start with SITA Smart Path™. The ATI’s most comprehensive whole-journey identity management solution where your face is your boarding pass. At airports across the world, SITA provides self-service and agent-assisted passenger processing solutions at every step of the journey from check-in to boarding. With Smart Path, just a quick scan of the face, typically in 5 seconds or less, allows passengers to easily validate their identity along the entire passenger journey. There is no need to pull out passports or boarding passes.

SITA Smart Path™ uses digital biometric ID management technology to automate the travel journey from secure check-in to on-time boarding. It is easily integrated into existing airport infrastructure and airline systems, including standard common-use systems, check-in kiosks, bag drop units, gates for secure access, boarding and automated border control. It provides a seamless, secure and cost-effective customer experience.

Passenger experience improvement

Smart automationSmart automation

  • Capacity increases
  • Fast check-point processing
  • Fewer agents behind desks and more agents helping customers
  • Lower costs while offering personalized service

Smart identificationSmart identification

  • Captures a passenger's facial features
  • Compares to a passport photo
  • Validates the travelers identity
  • Secure digital ID verified at every touchpoint

Smart data privacySmart data privacy

  • Enables stakeholders to meet strict data privacy obligations
  • Protects the passenger's data
  • Processes and solution driven infrastructure


Smart Path™ also integrates with government systems and databases, allowing secure immigration and border checks while minimizing security risks. Designed to be modular and easy to plug-and-play with existing systems, it helps airports achieve a faster throughput of passengers and reduce queues at security and passport checkpoints, which drives operational efficiency and speeds up passenger flow.


No need to show a boarding pass or passport. Your face is your boarding pass. 


Just stop, look at the camera and continue through the airport journey.


Advanced technology and strict processes transmit passenger data to a secured database to verify identity

Система SITA Smart Path™

Это интересно

Ожидается, что 41 % аэропортов осуществят инвестиции в управление идентификационной информацией к 2021 году (источник: Обзор ИТ-решений для воздушного транспорта 2018, SITA)


92 % пассажиров предпочитают использовать биометрические данные вместо паспорта или посадочного талона (источник: Обзор тенденций рынка решений ИТ для пассажиров 2017, SITA)

Как это помогает

Using biometric facial recognition technology to automate the entire passenger journey, Smart Path™ captures a passenger’s biometric details through a facial scan to verify the traveler’s identity at the first touch point in the journey. Once checked against the passenger’s travel documents, a secure digital travel ID is created and can be used at every touchpoint. At every step of the travel journey, whether it is self-bag drop, border control or aircraft boarding, the digital travel ID removes the need to show a passport or boarding pass — your face is your boarding pass.

Smart Path™ helps improve security oversight, speeds up passenger processing and reduces the resources needed to manage the passenger journey. Overall, it enhances the passenger experience by giving travelers more choice and control of their journey.

SITA Smart Path™ includes:

  • Mobile, self-service kiosk and agent assisted check-in with fast, secure biometric enrolment/registration
  • Self bag drop with biometric verification
  • Single or double door eGates for self-boarding, access control to secure areas and automated border control
  • A single platform capable of an integrated approach to common-use terminal equipment (CUTE), common-use passenger processing systems (CUPPS) and common-use self-service (CUSS) kiosks, bag drop and gates
  • Background identity management system that captures passenger data and links it to their biometric identity

Complemented by:

  • Advanced identity management services, including interactive advanced passenger processing
  • A cloud-based business intelligence portal to view critical data, monitor, measure and predict daily operational flow
  • A suite of integrated software applications for airport management that enables control of all airport operations from a central point, making common situational awareness easy

Consultancy services are available for support with ROI calculations and solution design.

Почему мы?

Quick and simple to integrate into existing airline systems, SITA Smart Path™ brings a new level of security to airline, airport and government operations by reducing queues and providing simple, fast, self-service identity verification. The automated boarding process and pre-processing systems help facilitate interactions with travelers during their journey at the airports while minimizing security risks.

Smart Path™ provides a comprehensive whole-journey, self-service travel experience, seamlessly integrating with existing infrastructure, reducing operational costs and helping deliver faster passenger throughput.

SITA combines global reach with capability and industry expertise in airports, airlines, governments and biometrics. This creates a secure, collaborative platform that ensures real-time intelligence and greater accuracy of passenger data. Real-time passenger verification and dynamic decision-making facilitates the transfer of legitimate passengers across borders.



SITA Smart Path ™

SITA is leveraging the identity management capabilities and applying them to the whole passenger journey.

Обзор ИТ-решений для воздушного транспорта 2018

Авиакомпании и аэропорты изучают потенциал блокчейна и ИИ. Обзор ИТ-решений 2018 делится данными о планируемых научно-исследовательских и опытно-конструкторских разработках и изучаемых вариантах их использования.
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Деморолик SITA Smart Path

Стивен Чаллис, старший менеджер по продукции (SITA), рассказывает о движущих факторах перехода на единую систему идентификации.

Авиакомпании и аэропорты инвестируют в технологии биометрии, стремясь повысить удобство поездок.

В новых исследованиях SITA изучаются ИТ-тенденции в сферах перехода на цифровые технологии, кибербезопасности, новых технологий и т. д. Подробнее о прогнозах на 2019 г.
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